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2082 Registered Allowed team size: 1 - 4

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Join Rapyd's Climate Fintech Hackathon


Climate Fintech is now one of the fastest-growing areas of the Fintech sector. In 2021, Climate Fintech Startups raised $1.2 billion in funding. This is three times more than all the previous years combined. Big ideas are needed to solve the global climate crisis and the ability to use financial technology is playing an increasing role in managing climate change.


The intersection of fintech and climate tech meets where money (or value) movement is tied to an environmentally responsible cause or reporting.


Rapyd Collect allows you to accept local payment methods into your Rapyd account or into any Rapyd Wallet. You can create a Hosted Checkout Page to direct your customers to, embed the checkout page, or directly integrate with the API.

Rapyd Disburse can help you make payouts to over 100+ countries with a broad set of payout methods such as bank transfers, eWallets, cards, and cash. Reach your audience and pay workers, suppliers, or any business anywhere in the world.

Rapyd’s Wallet API enables clients to set up business or personal customers to accept, hold and disburse funds with local payment methods. You can transfer funds between wallet contacts from one wallet to another on Rapyd's Wallet platform. Rapyd Wallet is similar to a bank account. The difference is that you can easily move money into and out of your account using different currencies and payment methods. 


Create a Climate Fintech Application, build on your own existing app, marketplace, or platform or create a powerful fintech feature that can be integrated into your Climate app or platform while using Rapyd APIs for the payments hook.


Carbon Offsetting: The reduction or removal of emissions of carbon dioxide or other greenhouse gases made in order to compensate for emissions made elsewhere

Carbon Accounting: Processes used to measure how much carbon dioxide equivalents an organization emits

Impact Investing: Investments made into companies, organizations, and funds with the intention to generate a measurable, beneficial social or environmental impact alongside a financial return.

ESG Reporting: The disclosure of environmental, social and corporate governance data

Climate Risk Management: Effectiveness and sustainability of energy efforts while managing climate risk in new strategies, projects, and activities.

Sustainable Banking: Banking and investment practices that pursue profit, while prioritizing social responsibility and/or environmental sustainability

Supply Chain Analytics: Strategies organizations use to gain insight and extract value from the large amounts of data associated with the procurement, processing, and distribution of goods.

Impact Financing: Provides finance to organizations addressing social and/or environmental needs with the explicit expectation of a measurable social, as well as financial, return


  • Using climate APIs computer models to payout climate disaster victims
  • Carbon offsetting applications and marketplaces need to pay into wallets and payout to other users
  • Sustainable banking firms can leverage Rapyd API for virtual accounts, wallets, payments and payouts.
  • Using a Wallet to earn points that accumulate to redeem to plant a tree or other technologies focused on reducing carbon footprint.
  • Automating the purchase of carbon credits Donate part of your card interchange revenues to carbon removal while helping cardholders track their carbon footprint.


Best Climate Tech App Overall

Create a best in class climate tech application to help make an impact on the earth. Leverage technology to track data and show your climate impact while expanding your business reach with local payment methods across multiple countries.

Carbon Offsetting

Build out opportunities for customers or businesses to make better choices or investments into lower carbon emissions or carbon offsets. Turn your environmental scoring into gamification or benchmarks to earn rewards.

Highest Potential Value

Show that ESG focused technology and startups can have a high value and grow the total available market as the demand and emerging tools are monetized with payments and financial tools to move money and make money.

Most APIs Used

Build a working app with the most Rapyd API requests implemented into your project. Accept payments, disburse to others, and build out a Wallet ecosystem. Team should deliver a list of all API requests used.

Highest Quality

Design your climate tech app with a beautiful interface and a smooth and sleek feel. Customize your platform to be one of the most visually appealing apps built on the Rapyd API.

Easiest to Implement

Build your application and show how your platform at scale would be the easiest to implement. Help pioneer practices and tools that can be used by developers to integrate into their application.


Main Prizes
Grand Prize Winner
  • $25,000 USD
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  • First Place $5,000 USD

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